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Cellular Automata System:   Generation: 0

Even generation rule: B3/S23  Odd generation rule: B2/S56

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fourier Life on

[Update January 2014: the link to my old website was removed because that website was replaced with this blog. Google's blogspot is nice because it doesn't have ads and I was able to implement the cellular automata self replicators in JavaScript at the top of the page.]

This blog was started to go along with the Fourier Life website [now blog] that I set up.  Click on the link to see what it's all about--it's easier to show than to tell. [Now you can just click the Run button at the top of the page!]

I set up this blog in case there's any interest in the site.  I figure I can answer questions here easier than on the website.  It will also be easier for people to comment here rather than set up some kind of comment section on the actual website.

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