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Even generation rule: B3/S23  Odd generation rule: B2/S56

Monday, January 13, 2014

Why I Made the Fourier Life Website

I went to the trouble of making the original Fourier Life website (on the ad-filled and this blog because I wanted others interested in exploring artificial life with cellular automata to be able to use the Fourier Transform to aid their research. I thought about publishing in a journal, but gave up the idea because publishing is a pain (as I know from publishing in J. Med. Chem and JACS) and because my research probably wasn't rigorous enough to be published. In retrospect, I think it was also a good decision to "publish" on the web because I believe it will ultimately reach a wider audience.

As a case in point, H. C. Bonner found my website because he wants to explore cellular automata and needs a way to find interesting things without viewing every trial.  That's exactly why I came up with the Fourier Transform method! His post on Fourier life is here. I hope he finds something interesting!

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